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Card game Nine

The card game Nine. To free download the card game Nine press download button.


The game consist of a number of rounds. At the begining of a round each player stakes $20 at the Bank. Then cards are dealing among three players. Each player, moving clockwise around the board, selects a card to play in the following order:
- The Nine of Diamonds is played the first;
- Then are played the Eight or the Ten of Diamonds, or Nines of other suits;
- Further, nearest ranking card in the suit for all played Nines. An Ace placed at most right side and a Six at most left side.

If a player do not have suitable card (e.g You cannot play a Queen if a Jack of the same suit is not played yet, etc.), he must pass lead and deposit $10 at the Bank.

The round is over when one player has played all his cards. This player is winner. His takes all money from the Bank. Further, players begin next round. The Game is over when one or two players become bunkrupt(s).

To start the Game You must register as a member of Nine Club. First, You can see the following:
- the list of members of Nine Club, including ten names and corresponding accounts;
- the Control Panel with five buttons.
For more information about buttons on this Control Panel, move the mouse over the graphic. When the pointer turns to a hand, click to display information in the pop-up window. Alternatively, press TAB to highlight an area on the graphic, and then press ENTER.

Club members take positions at the list in order to decrease their accounts. New member takes free position (if it exists). In other case, new member merge the member who has the fewest account. The last one is excluded from Nine Club. Also is excluded a member who do not have money on his account.
The F5 button (or the left button on Control Panel) is not active until You is not registered. To register press F8 (or the rigth button on Control Panel). Next, You must enter or click (if Your name already in list) Your name and then enter password. Further, Your name is placed at the Nine Club member list and You get initial account $200. So, button F5 become active.

After You pass registration You can see the following:
- game table (in the center);
- You opponents on left and right side (both played by computer);
- the banker on top side.
The banker does the following :
- deals cards;
- collects money into the Bank and pays money;
- checks validity of all moves.
To make a lead You need to click an appropriative card. To interrupt the game press Esc. In last case You lose $200. You must play until finish.

So, Play and Win!

Distributive size: 594K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download card game Nine

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