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Card game Thousand (1000)

The card game 1000. To free download the card game Thousand (1000) press download button.


It is one more popular card game - 1000. You partners in game Gommer and Barth. The purpose of game - to collect 1000 points. In total in a pack 120 points. Still additional points give marriage - a combination of king and lady of one suite. Hearts marriage gives 100 points for the announcement (before it it is necessary to take even one bribe, and then it is gone from king or lady after that the given suite becomes a trump), diamonds - 80, clubs - 60, leaves - 40 points. If you have not collected the sum which ordered this sum is subtracted from yours a points. It is not necessary to forget, that ten is more senior than king and there is 10 points! Even if not you have ordered game, you can collect points on bribes.

Distributive size: 170K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download card game Thousand (1000)

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