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Card game Bura

The card game Bura. To free download the card game Bura press download button.


This card game refers to - Bura. Than that she reminds the card game Goat. The essence of game consists in collecting points more, than the opponent. It is distributed on 4 cards. There is a suite - a trump. It is necessary to make a course from cards of one suite. Thus the opponent needs or to beat these cards or to throw off any unnecessary cards. Here 10-th is more senior than King. If at you 4 cards of one suite (it refers to brown) you go irrespective of sequence of a course have gathered. Points are counted up so: cards from 6 up to 9 is 0 points, further the Jack - 2, Lady - 3, King - 4, 10-th - 10, the Ace - 11 points. At loss (you have collected less points, than the computer) to you is put 2. If you have collected less 31-st points it is put 4. At a set 12 you lose. Game is rather entertaining!

Distributive size: 58K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download card game Bura

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