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The object of the game is to move all the cards to the home cells in the bottom of the deck. To win, you make four stacks of cards on the home cells: one for each suit, stacked in order of rank, from lowest to highest, aces come first.

The game area consists of twelve fans and four home cells. You can move only cards that are in the top of fans. To move a card, click the card you want to move, and then drag it to the area you want to move the card to. There are two places you can move cards to in Fan:

Move it to the home cell in the bottom of a screen. Each home cell can accept only a card having the same suit and next value that does the top cell card have; empty cells accept aces only;
Move it to another fan to make the next card of a source fan available to be moved. Empty fans do not accept cards at all.

When you realize that there are no moves left, you can shuffle and deal cards that are not moved to home cells to rearrange them and make other cards available for moving by selecting Game|Deal once more menu item. You can do this only twice during the game.

Distributive size: 76K Windows-95,98,ME,2000,XP,NT

Free download Card solitaire All Cards

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